I'm Amira, lover of tea and paint.

I graduated from Cardiff School of Art in 2011, with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, specialising in painting.

Art School was very challenging as there was constant critique and I thought after leaving that my art wasn't saying anything and therefore wasn't worth making. So, I stopped making it.

It took me several years to find joy in painting again, including a long trip around Asia, and some time spent living in Australia. When I moved back to Northern Ireland having been away for almost 4 years, the lockdown period during the Covid-19 pandemic gave me the time and space I needed to create again.

Previously, I had only painted large scale oil paintings, which I had been lucky enough to exhibit, yet it was the want for smaller work from people I met that was the driving force behind the creation of Amira Paints and launching a collection of prints.

Above all, I truly want to bring joy into peoples' worlds with my colourful works.

My paintings are inspired by places I have visited and adventure to, near and far, and by the joy those visits spark in me. I work in many mediums; watercolour, gouache, pastel and oil paint to capture the feeling of a landscape, hoping that it will resonate with people and in turn spark joy in them too.

I hope you find a piece that you like.