'On My Way Here'

'On My Way Here' is Irish artist Amira McDonagh's second solo exhibition. It ran from 6th April - 5th May 2023 at Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick.

"My last solo exhibition was in 2012. I last had a creative studio space in 2015. I left Northern Ireland to go traveling and was gone for 4 years, I left my practice behind. I returned to Northern Ireland in 2020 and began painting again.

‘On My Way Here’ is a visual diary from where I left off in 2012 chronicling my return to painting, tracing my steps through landscapes I have trodden. These landscapes are not always the physical ones I find around me.

Returning from this hiatus has allowed me to look back and interpret further, what a landscape means to me; the ones that have shaped me, the ones where it all started.

These are the paintings I have made up until this point where we meet now, these are the paintings I have made ‘On My Way Here’"

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100cms x 100cms

Mixed Media on Canvas

'Strength in the Waiting (For Catherine)'


70cms x 70cms framed

Oil on Canvas

'Last Light'

90cms x 90cms framed
Oil on Canvas


122.5cms x 61cms
Mixed Miedia on Board

'My Lighthouse'


61cms x 122.5cms

Mixed Media on Board

'Fields of Home (Room to Grow/Grown)'


122cms x 91.4cms

Mixed Media on Canvas

'Concrete Jungle'


123cms x 92cms

Mixed Media on Board

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