Amira McDonagh is an Irish Artist. Although born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, much of her work is influenced by County Down where she has lived and worked for much of her life.

Amira is a graduate of Cardiff School of Art, undertaking an undergraduate in Fine Art, specialising in painting.

Traditionally an oil painter of large abstract landscape works on board, Amira exhibited and sold her work from 2011, but was always asked if she had any smaller works for purchase.

It was after a long trip around Asia, some time spent living in Australia and several lockdowns, that Amira found the time and creative space once more to make these smaller, more accessible works.

Making good quality artwork accessible to people, of places and scenes that were recognisable or resonated with them, was the driving force behind the creation of Amira Paints and its launch in May 2021.

Amira wanted to help break down barriers that were traditionally found in museums and galleries, where people were too intimidated to talk about art or express an interest in it. By injecting her colourful take on familiar places and landscapes, she hopes that people won't be shy in expressing an affection for art and that her works will spark conversations as well as joy.

In addition to this new side to Amira's practice, she still works in oils and creates abstract pieces that reflect her own personal experience of the physical and metaphorical landscapes that have and do surround her. Her painting 'Nightingale 2020' was exhibited as part of the Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition at the Ulster Museum, Belfast in 2021 and in April 2023, Amira will present her second solo exhibition to date at Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick.